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Our Practice DMV Written Tests feature the same road rules and road signs content from the DMV handbook - only we present them in a much more efficient and easier-to-learn format. The courses utilize proven teaching methods developed for training US military service members. Our students not only learn the material, they remember it!

Here's How It Works:

  1. Complete our simple registration process.
  2. Take as many practice tests as you want.
  3. Review the answer and explanation at the end of each question.
  4. Once you can successfully pass the practice test 3 consecutive times, you're ready for the real thing. If you don't pass the first time, we will refund your money for this course.

Teens Love It

  • Get your permit quickly
  • It's fun & easy to do
  • Learn the DMV rules on your terms

Parents Dig It Too!

  • It provides your teen with all the rules of the road
  • All students who complete this course are guaranteed to pass their DMV test the first time and avoid the 50% failure rate
  • Your kid will be a smarter and safer driver

Great for NEW Drivers License Applicants, too!

  • If you're getting a license for the first time, you'll have to pass the DMV written exam, too.
  • Pass the first time, or your money back!
  • So much easier and faster than spending days studying the Florida Drivers Handbook.

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In the event that you fail the official DMV exam, you will be required to pay the DMV to take the test again. If you fail after completing our DMV Test Prep course, we will refund the cost of the course. If you qualify for this refund, send your receipt to, PO Box 442288, Jacksonville, FL 32222