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Safe Driver Online Course  Only $19.95! Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Whether you're taking this course because your boss is requiring it, or because one of your parents got a ticket and were so impressed with our course that they thought you should take it, you'll find this safe driver program convenient, interesting, and educational. You will learn about general safe driving techniques, plus Florida-specific road rules and regulations including speed limits and seat belt laws.

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NOTE: No certificate will be provided. This course is for people who want to take our traffic school and have NOT received a ticket.

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About the Safe Driver Course

  • Same Program as our Traffic School Course
  • Program parents often require for their teens
  • Program businesses often require for their commercial drivers

In an effort to keep our prices low, you will not receive a certificate at the completion of this course, however, we will email you a statement of completion if you request it. Remember that this is NOT the course to take if you received a ticket. This course is for volunteer non-ticketed customers only.

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